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The material handling industry utilizes ball transfers in their material conveying machinery. The advantage of these units over the common skate wheel or belt conveyor system is their ability to move in all directions. This feature makes them ideal for assembly lines that require product to make turns in the course of handling. They are also especially well suited for use at work stations, where they facilitate the rotation of heavy material in any direction. This eliminates the need for workers to lift or slide product to complete assembly work, providing equal access to all sides.


Today, Ball Transfer Systems, LLC manufactures over sixty different styles of ball transfers to meet the diverse needs of the material handling industry. Most units are constructed of carbon steel support cups holding approximately 80 1/8" carbon steel balls. On top of this base, a carbon steel retainer and 1" ball are placed then covered with either a simple cover or a flange-designed cover. For units requiring a mounting stud, the simple covered units are pressed into a stud cup with the appropriate size bolt protruding from the bottom. Variations to this configuration include larger main balls of 1 7/8" diameter, smaller main balls of 1/2" and 1" diameter, units made entirely of stainless steel, and customized bolt sizes based on customers' requests.

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