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About Ball Transfer Systems, LLC

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Ball Transfer Systems, LLC was founded in September 1987 by Robert L. McKeown. Originally located in Glassport, Pennsylvania, they manufactured omni-directional ball transfers used in material handling. Since then, our company has become one of the most comprehensive suppliers in the industry.


At first, Ball Transfer Systems, LLC concentrated on quality assembly of parts supplied by outside sources. The entire product line consisted of only two styles. Within a short time, stamping processes were brought in-house, allowing for the flexibility to design and redesign new products to meet customers' most demanding specifications. By further expanding production capabilities, our company was able to offer eighteen different styles, including the manufacture of both carbon and stainless steel ball transfers.


By 1992, it became evident that increasingly sophisticated equipment, expanded work stations and an ever growing inventory necessitated expansion into a larger facility. In January of 1993, Ball Transfer Systems, LLC entered into a sales agreement to purchase two buildings and eight acres of property in Star Junction (Fayette County), Pennsylvania. By August of that same year, the move was complete. With the new location and expanding product line, business soared and several new employees were hired.


November of 1994 found Ball Transfer Systems, LLC in the unique position of being approached by a competitor with the intent of purchasing their equipment, inventory, product lines and customer list. The competitor's name, Ball Transfers Inc., would be dropped so the new products would be identified solely with Ball Transfer Systems, LLC. This acquisition resulted in an increase of twenty-six additional units to the product line.


Ball Transfer Systems, LLC is proud to offer the highest quality American-made products.

About Ball Transfer Systems, LLC


Robert McKeown - Owner


Chris Youger - General Manager, Head of Production


Brynda D. Gordon - VP of Marketing and Sales



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